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Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday Favorites...It's the Little Things

It's Friday! Linking up with Friday Favorites today - I've realized that I just love looking back at these posts and remembering such fun, random little things that I might have otherwise forgotten. And I'm nosy, ha ha, so it's fun to read up on what's going on in everyone else's life, too!

Hey, we made it to the end of the week! I don't know about you, but between sad, pitiful, cold weather (and snow!!), a few rough nights, family drama, trying to keep up with Rose & Ruffle (and Dash & Dapper, too!! :) ), and all the usual stuff, this week has not been for the faint of heart, ha! Needless to say, I think this picture sums up how I was feeling come Monday morning. ha ha ha

But it turned out to be a pretty great week! :)

Decorating for Spring is a favorite thing, despite the gloomy weather. I've had this basket for over a decade now and I just can't quit it...I LOVE it! Every couple of years I change the flowers. The last change was from two years ago when I was decorating for Levi's Bless This Nest Baby Shower. Time, you thief!!

We put up this shelf from Target right after Thanksgiving and I just adore it. It was like twenty bucks and is so much fun to "play around" with for the seasons.

I love my Mom and Dad, and I love watching them as grandparents with my kiddos. Levi has been such a breath of fresh air to both of them- we simply cannot imagine our family without him!

After some fitful nights and some not-so-great naps this week, Levi was taking a SUPER nap yesterday! That in itself is a favorite for sure, but I was going to say that I got to clean up our busy multi-purpose room/office and it just makes me SO happy now.
As I  joked on IG, just don't open that closet!  ;)
I'll share the whole room next week! (No, probably NOT the closet... ha ha ha)

This is a favorite sight! Does this make other people smile? Or just me? Either way, I'm smiling. :)

Here is the nap champion! He woke up sooo silly!

Of course, sleeping babies are pretty my favorite things ever. You can't beat a sweet, sleepy little babe.

Slow mornings are one of my very favorite things in this WHOLE world. Levi has discovered shadows and we have the best time finding our shadows. (It would seem that this was a great sunny week, but no, the sun popped out maybe two mornings, and then by 10 was completely gone. Boo.)

I have an older brother, and we have no relationship, kind of sad, BUT I would have loved to be a big sister and have such an adoring little fan club! :) He is always running after her. They adore each other so much!

He learned to climb up on the couch last week, so sometimes when I'm working or sewing, I look over and catch a glimpse of this. Favorite view for sure!

While there is considerable running around most mornings for school, once that crazy is done, then it's just him and me. We like to play and read stories. :) He is my favorite little guy and that's my favorite time. I feel very fortunate to have a "job" that allows me to stay at home in my pajamas all morning with him. Was that a little too much info? So sorry, ha ha!

Hope you have the best day! And a super weekend! I'll be busy making Easter dresses because I STILL have not started...yikes! Thanks for visiting. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What I Wore: Springy Scarves on Repeat

If I wear springy scarves, then spring will come, right?
Wishful thinking. It is reeaaalllly cold outside today. Sigh. And since it's freezing, it feels pretty silly to wear things in full-on spring mode, but I think these colors fit the bill nicely in the meantime.

 top made by me and the leggings are OLD :)
and please don't judge me for that mirror...we all know who does that, ha ha!
scarf was a gift from my kiddos for Easter a while back and I still love it today!

Same top but with my favorite blue scarf. I would have worn my grey booties but it was super cold and windy that day. Needed a little extra reinforcement.  :(

I didn't realize I'd been wearing this coral scarf so much lately until it started showing up in nearly every photo I took, ha! Such a pretty, warm color...even if the weather isn't cooperating.
my cutest accessory :)

I really like how it paired with the blue on my Mommy-daughter date to the bookstore
this top was also made by me, ha!

it even looked cute while being a total dork at school pick up, ha ha ha

Wouldn't you know, I reached for coral again for the first day of spring! We were bracing for a snow storm. Fun fun.

If I look like I'm in pain here, it's probably because I am. So windy and cold! Needless to say, when we got home, I threw on my fuzzy robe and made hot tea.

And, just keeping it real. Well, I'd be in my pajama pants if I were keeping it really real, but this is what I look when I drive kids into school and then come home to sew for a bit...if Levi lets me!

Oh look! More coral. ha ha ha
I'll end with this cute picture of my guys in their Sunday best. My teens definitely dress way more casual than I particularly like for church, BUT it's a battle I'm choosing not to fight. They are in church with us, that's what matters most to me.

It's been a busy morning, which is why I'm still trying to finish this poor post, and I think I just saw the first snowflake out the window. Hopefully we don't get much! What's the weather like where you are today?

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy has been such a long time! This was my last post!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Easter Outfit Ideas for Mom and Baby/Toddler Girl

I just saw that there is a fun link-up with Ashley and Erika, so I'm going to join should too!! :)

Hi friends! We're getting down to the wire for Easter outfits, and I admit, I haven't even started. I always make Isabelle's dress, but I've made a few for myself over the years as well, so that's what I'm planning on. With less than two weeks, I'd better get a move on it! :)

I'm not going to link any of these because they are just the results of a random Pinterest search, so you can find them super easily as well. Plus, I have no plans to actually buy them; they just represent the ideas I've had in mind...what do you think? I will also say here that I'm struggling a bit- I always get this idea of what a dress will look like on (what I want it to look like), and then I'm mortified and depressed if it doesn't match the image in my head. I feel like I had a more confident postpartum body last year than this year, and I'm blaming the darn cold for that! I try to stay active indoors, but let's be real, it is just not the same as being able to move outside.

So here are some ideas of the style I'm going for. I've got lots of patterns that I can tweak if necessary, but many that are similar or the same. Aren't they so pretty and feminine? I love the colors, too. Which one is your favorite? I can't decide!

French Rose Lace Dress, JessaKae, New Arrivals, Lace, Lace Dress, Pink, Cute, Womens Fashion, Womens Style, Spring, Easter, Hair, Blonde, Makeup, Hair goals, Easter Dress, Spring Dress, Flirty, Girly, Flowers

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What should you wear to a wedding?

There's a reason why this dress is a bestseller season after season. The wrap detail on the bust...The cinched-in waist...The soft A-line shape...It all adds up to a wardrobe classic that you'll wear and wear. Now in an array of new shades and prints.

Flower Print Belted Wrap Dress -SheIn Such a beautiful spring dress for Easter!  #affiliate

What to Wear to a May Wedding. Dresses to wear to May 2015 weddings as a wedding guest. Wedding guest dresses for all types of weddings for the late spring season! 

I feel like I haven't shared clothing or outfit ideas in such a long time, but they are a part of everyday life, so I'm sloooowly climbing back on that bandwagon. :) Plus, I LOVE seeing what other Mamas put together. So many creative and pretty ideas!

Lastly, here's what's going on at Rose and Ruffle. I have been so, so busy-which explains some of the above-mentioned issues- but I am extremely thankful. Thank YOU for your support, it really does mean the world to me!

Here are some things that are READY TO SHIP and could be yours in a few days!

This photo is not doing the print justice, it's so darling! Size 5t/5

Sometimes simple is all you want... Size 4t/4

This is the perfect purple- not too pale not too bright! The lace adds such cute detail! Size 3t/3

And what Easter outfit would be complete without a sweet white eyelet bonnet??

They are just a little bit different and the cutest accessory I know of. I just love them! I can take orders for a bonnet thru Thursday, in time for Easter, so if you're on the fence, take the leap now!! :)

What are you wearing for Easter this year? Do you like everyone to be coordinated or matching, or do you keep things super casual?

Okay, now I just HAVE to include some of my favorite Easter pics! Look at those adorable babies! Eek!

My very first Easter as a GIRL MOM!!!

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